Layering Ideas to Decorate for Winter

If you prefer to eschew the typical holiday decor for a more seasonal theme, you can accomplish this by simply layering winter-themed elements to your existing decor scheme. As the temperatures dip and you’ll spend more time indoors, adding extra layers of warmth and texture will create a rich, inviting space. Skip the holiday kitsch with these seasonal decor ideas.


Add Detailed Vignettes

Adding greenery and candles to your home’s existing vignettes will instantly take it from year-round to seasonal. Draping the surfaces with greenery or filling existing vases and vessels with greenery or varying heights is just as appropriate for the winter season as it is for the holidays. Similarly, adding candles brings extra light and warmth. Adding a simple pillar candle to a crystal bowl, jar or dish creates a beautifully illuminated look.


No Holiday Colors, No Problem

Bringing in fur, antlers and candles—real, faux, or a blend of both—to any space, regardless of the color scheme, instantly makes the room feel winter-ready. The warmth of these natural elements remarkably balances cool-hued rooms.


Extend the Outdoor Season

Shift your mindset of closing up the backyard once football season wraps up. Light up the outdoor fireplace, increase your outdoor throw blanket collection, add some additional heaters, and enjoy your holiday movie binge on your outdoor sofa.


Fill in the Nooks

If your home has empty areas—particularly in a long hallway, on a landing space, or in corners, fill this space with an inviting chair, bench or sofa. A custom-made piece may be your best option for the most natural fit, depending on the available space. This type of piece adds a warm and welcoming touch when you’re least expecting it.


Add Moodiness

Bring in additional depth and richness by swapping out your lighter, breezier pieces for their moodier counterparts. One way to do this is to swap your lampshades and chandelier shades for darker colors and more textural fabrics. Also, swap out your vases for heavier, more textured options.


Fill the Fireplace

If you have fireplaces you don’t use, you can still make it feel winter-ready. Fill the firebox with a stack of firewood or birch wood logs for a cozy winter motif.


Create a Designated Game Space

Turn one of your living spaces into a designated game area. Enhance the space with easily accessible games, always leaving an option available to play in plain sight on a table. Fill a bookshelf or etagere with your favorite board games, ensure the room is appropriately lit and let the friendly competition commence.


Bring in Texture

Texture can add depth that instantly transforms a room to a different season. So if your linens and cottons are still on display, bring in the velvets, sherpas, furs and wools for an instantaneous switch to a winter motif.

Winter can be a long season if you’re not prepared to settle in and embrace the shorter days and colder nights. 


Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2023. All rights reserved.


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